Raintree Online Store offers Kaili Mood Brand Italian Leather Handbags online.

Material: Genuine Grained Dollar Leather

Elevate your style with our Italian leather handcrafted bags. Shop online for timeless elegance and experience luxury craftsmanship.




Our Kaili Mood brand Italian-made Leather bags which  Material: Genuine Grained Dollar Leather.

In its raw state, full-grain leather isn't completely waterproof, so treatment sprays and wax are applied to make it as water-resistant as possible. But if a leather product needs to be long-lasting or durable, you can bet it will be made from full-grain leather.


Selecting the Finest Materials This subsection would describe the careful selection process of leather materials, emphasizing the importance of quality and sustainability. It could include insights into how Raintree sources its leather to ensure the highest standards. Artistry and Techniques...